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Loose Change

He came, he went, 
He conquered her that night, 
Before he took flight,

Chauffered from responsibility


Competitive child,

Beneath a fertile chestnut tree 

Even when she tied his laces, 

He did not thank me


Swinging her best shot,

He retold his bad jokes,

Side by side on the pavement, 

Lost his phone heading home, 

His tail between their legs


She waved him farewell, 
Behind wound-up, tinted glass, 

Could not return, from whence they came,

Open sky would only cause more pain


So she took the high road,

With the Laundrettes 

Betting shops, 

With the Orthodox  


Bought rollmops for her friend,

As the klezmer band marched on, 

Took the coins politely ran,

Conviction in her hand like change


Loose change,

She hears that same refrain,

But loosely changed


It lands, you leave,

Regain, recede,

Disbelief suspends the match,

Fuels her every sense


He wills her,

Bare nerves worn to the edge,

Scores a bed notch,

Pound of flesh,

Yet swore to return


Bound in chains,

We hear that same refrain

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